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A Remarkable Tribute to Outstanding Athletes

Special Olympics Egypt athletes returned home from the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, USA, to receive rapturous recognition from the highest levels of government.



A Gala to Celebrate

The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Social Solidarity hosted a tribute gala for the SO athletes participated in both 2014 SO MENA 8th Regional games last December and 2015 SO WSG in Los Angeles. The event was arranged in cooperation with the Special Olympics Middle East-North Africa regional office.


The gala was attended by high profile figures such as: Khaled Abdel Aziz, Minister of Youth and Sports; Ghada Waly, Minister of Social Solidarity; Ayman Abdel Wahab, Regional President and Managing Director of the Special Olympics MENA Region; Peter Wheeler, Chief of Strategic Properties for Special Olympics; Hany Mahmoud, former Minister of Administrative development; and Khaled Nosseir, Chairman of Special Olympics Egypt.


A Salute to Hard Work

In their speeches, Abdel Aziz & Waly said they were there to celebrate the great achievements of Special Olympics Egypt athletes at the world games, where they flew Egypt’s flag high and made all of Egypt proud. Aziz and Waly paid tribute to all the hard work put in by Egypt’s team as they earned and brought home an impressive 55 medals along with an array of ribbons. 


“You have proved to be excellent ambassadors to our country and you are an inspiration to us all,” Waly said.


It's More Than Medals

In his statement, SO MENA Regional President & Managing Director “ Ayman Abdel Wahab” affirmed the importance of families, volunteers and coaches who play a vital roles in our athletes’ success and stand behind the athletes supporting and allowing them to pursue their aspirations and dreams in sports. 


“Competing at the Games goes beyond medal wins,” Wahab said. “It is about training hard and overcoming hurdles to achieve personal bests and to bring glory to our countries.”

“Our athletes wouldn’t be able to go on and achieve success without the invaluable backing from you all,” he added. “I believe that’s a tremendous achievement and triumph, and ultimately, through participation in sports and games, we are building an inclusive society that recognizes and appreciates the ability of every individual where everyone can reach his or her full potential. “


During the glamorous Gala that night, the appreciation certificates and awards were handed over to the Special Olympics athletes and shields were given to the guests. Afterwards, the athletes celebrated by dancing and singing while fireworks sparkled in the sky.


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