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Libyan swimmer, Noman Felfel and his journey of achievements



Noman was born in 1971 with Down syndrome in a family of 11 members.  He started practicing swimming in his early childhood, at the age of 4, at the age of 4 years.


He is very sociable and has a sense of humor that takes the heart of whoever sees his kind spirit and cheerful smile that does not leave his lips.


The start of winning medals


 Special Olympics Libya was founded in 1998, which is the sports organization that is concerned with people with intellectual disabilities in Libya. His dad immediately registered him; Noman was the first athlete to join SO Libya and from here started the Journey of his successive achievements:-


 His first world participation was in The World Summer Games in California, US. Noman grabs the attention and makes a memorable achievement for Libya after winning two silver medals, the first world Libya's medals in all sports. This great success was a superior matter for the advancement of sports of people with disabilities in Libya. After that, Noman participated in The Third SO Middle East and North Africa Regional Games, which was held in Lebanon, Beirut, in 2002 where Noman won a gold medal and another silver medal in Aquatics. He also participated in The Forth SO MENA Regional Games in 2004 in Tunisia where Noman won two gold medals and one silver medal. It was followed by his participation in The Fifth Regional Games in Dubai, Emirates, in 2006 where he won gold, silver, and bronze medals, one of each.


He also participated in SO World Summer games in 2007 in Shanghai (China) where he won one gold and one silver medal. It was followed by his participation in The Sixth SO Regional Games in 2010 that was held in Abu Dhabi, where he won two silver and one bronze medals. Then he participated in the Regional Games 2010 that was held in Damascus, Syria, where he won one gold and two silver medals. His last participation was in SO World Summer Games in 2011 in Athens, Greece, where he won one silver medal. 


 Global messenger


After his great achievements, Noman Felfel was chosen as the global messenger for SO Libya.


He took parts in many international conferences where he was introduced as a role model for people with intellectual disabilities. 


Noman in the Society


Noman is a wonderful man that is being tested by Allah and became one of those people with Down syndrome or (happy kids’ syndrome), as they always smile and have pure hearts that hates no one and contain nothing but love to everyone. In our talk with him, he said, "I thank my father, because he taught me how to swim and helped me to become a world champion. I am happy that I achieved victories to my beloved country Libya in international events and I thank my mother who helped me overcome and conquer the difficulties of life.




When we asked him for a last word, he said, "I wish I could change the society’s perception and that people would change the way they see us and look at our insides, not outsides. I feel very upset when someone calls me Mongolian. We are human beings just like anyone; But Allah gave us an advantage through this test."

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