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Third Regional Games, Beirut, 2002

The 3rd Regional Games were held from 4 to 9 September 2002 under the auspices of the previous President Rafiq Al-Hariry. Around 400 athletes and 150 coaches took part in the Games representing; Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Jordan, Oman and Yemen.





The participants competed in five sports Football, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics and Table-Tennis. The competitions were held at the Sports City , the Balady Court and the Remal Pool in Beirut.


Minister of Education Abdel- Rehim Mourad attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the Prime Minister Rafiq Al- Hariry. In addition to Dr Timothy Shriver SOI President, Eng. Ayman Abdel-Wahab MENA Regional Managing Director, Lebanese Social Affairs Minister Saad Diab and Hany Moustafa as a representative to the Arab League Secretary General and Lebanese SO President Bishara Merheg.


The opening ceremony was presented by Lebanese prominent producer Nagwa Qassem. The competitions took place in the following day.


On the sidelines of the 3rd Games, MENA Regional Managing Director Ayman Abdel- Wahab held a press conference with SOI President Dr Timothy Shriver and Mrs Hala Al- Hosiny SO Lebanon National Director and Mr. Mohamed Abdouni Head of the Families Committee.


Abdel-Wahab answered several questions raised by the media representatives attending the Games and revealed the future plans of the region towards athletes' participation in sports and activities in the region.


Special Smiles:


The Athletes Healthy Program was also held alongside the Games under the name of ‘Special Smiles’, the program was applied for the first time in the region. A medical clinic was also held where dentists from the region took part.




The Schools and Youth Summit ‘SOGII’ was also held for the first time during the 3rd Games in Beirut. Participants from schools from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Morocco took part in the three-day program. A work-shop was held where all participants took part.

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